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Making a speech as a lecturer at the management seminar (December 2012)
We are trying to provide the state-of-the-art form of advertising for the companies growing with the time and the companies continuing to expand among a number of industries. In addition, we make such proposals as media strategy, sales promotion and corporate consulting and information marketing and are trying to provide the maximum output of effect in the best way using the A (analog) & D (digital).  Action power and positive attitude, exertion of imagination, changes in the world situation and capturing the volatility of the economic situation as a chance, I believe now is the time we could deploy the planning capabilities and expertise we gained.

Representative Director  Yuzuru Higashi

Company Profile
FoundedJuly 1984 Representative Director & President Yuzuru Higashi
HeadquartersNihonbashi 2-chome Building 2F 2-21 Nihonbashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027 Japan TEL.03-6225-2321 FAX.03-6225-2327 One-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Nihonbashi" Station A7 Exit 5-minute walk from JR "Tokyo" Station Yaesu North Exit Bank Mizuho Bank
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
CapitalYen 60,000,000 Number of employees78 people (as of Feb 4, 2010)

The planning and production of advertising of newspapers, television, radio, magazines throughout Japan. SP such as media content advertising and outdoor advertising content business as well as advertising consulting.

SP Division
● Outdoor advertising setting and negotiations, proposals, design applications and execution and construction management
● WEB site planning, production, operation and management (Outdoor advertising property search site, "")

MP Division
● Newspapers, radio, magazines · WEB planning, production, operation and management
● Event planning and guest stage appearances arrangements
● TV program planning and production
● B to B promotional support proposal

Offices Branch Office: Nagoya Branch Sales Office:
Branch Office: Nagoya Branch Sales Office: Sapporo office / Yamagata office / Sendai office / Saitama office / Chiba office Kanagawa office / Nagoya office / Okayama office / Fukuoka office Construction Office: Sapporo office / Sendai office / Saitama Plant / Kanagawa office / Nagoya office / Okayama Plant / Fukuoka offices

1984 Started as proposal agency in July 1984 founded by Chunichi Newspaper Co.,Ltd.
2002 Applied for the business model patent using e-mails Chunichi Shimbun Area Advertising Awards "Environmental recycling feature" "Payslips" has won the monthly Galaxy Award January: Billboard business (SP Division) started nationwide Saitama office establishment / Sapporo office establishment / Kanagawa office establishment
2003 Okayama office establishment
2004 Granted the business model patent using e-mails Patent No.3300338
September 1: Sendai office establishment
November 15: Yamagata office establishment
December 14: Fukuoka sales office established
December 22: Chiba office establishment
July 1: Nagoya office established
December 3: Yokohama office establishment.
2010 Moved Tokyo Headquarters from Minato-ku, Atago to Nihonbashi

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